How to Build Websites that work without Internet Using Angular, Service Workers and Firebase: Let’s Keep in Touch

progresive web app -thumbnail- angular Firebase

I recently realized something that made me truly realize how powerful service workers can be. When I have internet, it feels like there are infinitely many things competing for my attention. But when I am on a plane for example, and there is no internet connection, the competition for my attention is much less fierce. The 3 things I can usually do is look through my photos, watch a downloaded movie or read an ebook. With service-workers, if you are able to deliver an offline web experience for your users, you are able to get their attention in one of those few moments when the competition for it is least fierce.

After reading this article you will learn, the theory of how service workers work, a short tutorial to apply that theory to make a website that runs without the internet and finally, what this means for the you and future of the internet.