I’ve Only Watched the Trailer, but I’m convinced that Boogie will be the best movie of 2021

I recently watched the trailer for the movie Boogie and I’m already convinced that this will be the highest impact movie from 2021.

Read the twitter thread or compiled thread on threaderapp. Those versions have more pictures embedded.

  1. I think this a movie that will be very popular in both the Black and Asian communities.
  1. Pop Smoke (RIP) is in it and he plays his role so well
  2. So between the Asians + Black + Hip Hop + Basketball communities you have 4 of the most influential elements in pop culture. A true recipe for virality.

Last year we had a lot of much needed conversations about racism against the black community. But we haven’t really addressed the other elephant in the room regarding racism against other minority groups and racism from one minority group against another minority group.

For example, according to NYPD: Asian Hate Crime is up 1900%

I think Boogie will be a good catalyst for these conversations.

Style check: Whoever, the stylist for this movie is, deserves a raise and a promotion. They did a great job.

In just a 3 minute clip. I spotted 2 Aime Leon Dore shots, 1 old school Polo bear shot and numerous Champion shots. I think that small attention to detail really adds to the vibe of the movie.

The casting is also A1.

I think Boogie has the type of look and swagger that a lot of Black Women will like and I think Eleanor has the look and vibe that a lot of Asian men will like.

Overall though, both of them make a good couple that I think people of all races can ship and imagine themself dating Boogie or Eleanor.

I saw a youtube comment that the fact the main actor has acne scars gave them hope. I think that is such an interesting point.

Having more roles played by people that are attractive by normal people standards and not by unrealistic hollywood standards makes for an overall healthier climate.

I think we underestimate the degree to which movies shape public consciousness.

Prediction: Directly as a result of this movie we will see:

  1. An increase in the number of interracial couples
  2. An Asian player in the NBA that will list Albert “Boogie” Chin as their inspiration in an interview 10 years from now.

A special shout out to the homie, Eddie Huang. I still remember him from Fresh off the Boat Days, amazing to see how far he has come. A very creative guy.

In summary, I think the movie Boogie is going to be one of the most impactful movies in “culture” and will end racism. Yay.

Jokes aside, obviously no single movie can end racism. But this is the perfect movie for 2021. Nice mix of: making ppl more empathetic + think about important social issues in a non-overwhelming, feel-good way + fun entertainment.

Finally, can we please give a standing ovation for the director @MrEddieHuang.

I still remember him from Fresh off the Boat Days, good to see my man doing big things. He’s very talented and did an amazing job with Boogie. The beginning of many more great things I’m sure.