The Atila Schools and Jobs Guide

The Atila team and I wrote an ebook about the best Canadian Universities for getting jobs at Goldman Sachs, Google, McKinsey, Pfizer and more. It's called The Atila Schools and Jobs Guide. You know how people say that you should go to university so you can get a good job? But then no one can actually tell you objectively and using data which schools actually help you get a good job? I'm super excited to share a project me and a couple friends have been working on. We created the Atila Schools and Jobs Guide, the first ever guide to help students figure out what are the best universities for getting a good job.

I’ve Only Watched the Trailer, but I’m convinced that Boogie will be the best movie of 2021

I recently watched the trailer for the movie Boogie and I’m already convinced that this will be the highest impact movie from 2021.

Read the twitter thread or compiled thread on threaderapp. Those versions have more pictures embedded.

  1. I think this a movie that will be very popular in both the Black and Asian communities.

Best Books I Read in 2020

Best Books I Read in 2020

In 2020, society experienced a lot of change in a short amount of time. A combination of the Coronavirus, political unrest and social issues caused many of us to rethink our perception of reality. Most of the books I read in 2020 were related to understanding how to act in a fast-changing world and understanding how other humans act in such situations.


Simple Crypto Playbook for Canadians

It can be confusing knowing how to start getting into crypto. I’m publicly sharing my crypto playbook in case others find it useful. See bottom for important disclaimer. Summary: This is just my opinion, do your own research.

Edit – December 5, 2021: Crypto changes really fast so a lot of the advice when I wrote this in February 2021 is already out of date and my opinions have changed.


Best Books I Read during Quarantine

Summaries, key takeaways and reviews of the best books I read during quarantine.

Originally a twitter thread.

Summaries, key takeaways and reviews of the best books I read during quarantine

A thread:

Full notes here:


Chaos Monkeys by @antoniogm 

The experiences of someone who had front row seat to the 3 most important institutions in modern capitalism

– Wall Street (Trader at Goldman Sachs)
– Startups (founder at Ycombinator company)
– Tech (Product Manager at Facebook)


Tesla: The Solar City Acquisition

Excited to share that I’m officially a published author of an Ivey Business School Case.

I wrote a case with the help of Professor Frank Li on Elon Musk and Tesla’s acquisition of Solar City.

The story of how this happened is quite interesting.