Hate Inc. Book Notes: Political Media’s Business Model involves Manipulating your Emotions

Hate Inc by Matt Taibi

Your anger is the media’s opportunity

(My riff on Jeff Bezos’ famous aphorism: “Your margin is my opportunity”)

  • Hate Inc by Matt Taibi is about how media companies, particulary, political media companies have a business model that is designed to get you angry and hate the other side.
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    Best Books I Read in 2019

    One of the less-talked about benefits of reading is being able to “humble brag” about all the books you’ve read.

    On a completely unrelated note, here are the best Books I read in 2019.

    If one of your goals is to read more in the new year, you should start with these books.


    Lebron Inc: Book Notes

    Lebron Inc. by Brian Windhorst is about how Lebron has built his business empire from his Freshman year in St. Vincent St. Mary’s in Akron in 2001 (tk verify Lebron high school freshman year) to his new team Los Angeles Lakers in 2019.


    Dataclysm: Book Notes

    Dataclysm is a book by Christian Ruder, the founder of OkCupid, a dating site. The book is about the site’s data can tell us about relationships and human behaviour. If you are interested in learning more about dating habits in society and more broadly, what people say they like versus what they actually like, I would recommend you read this book.


    How to be a Capitalist without Any Capital by Nathan Latka: Book Notes

    How to be a Capitalist without Any Capital by Nathan Latka is a book about how to start building wealth when you don’t have any money.

    Very tactical and highly actionable, though I occasionally got a bit of salesy, used-car salesman, penny-pinching, vibes and there are some micro-optimizations and “hacks” that I feel may not even make a meaningful impact on building long-term wealth.