I’m Giving $2,000 to 2 Students

I just graduated.

But rather than make my usual self-congratulatory post, I want to use this opportunity to pay it forward. This year I’m giving $2,000 to two students to help them pay for their education.

Apply here: https://atila.ca/scholarship/s/ademidun

I’ve named the two scholarships in honour of my parents and grandparents.

The Mojisola Rufai and Victoria Ademidun Scholarship is open to any student who comes from a low-income family. In honour of my two living grandparents who both grew up in low income villages but were able to educate themselves and give my parents a better life.

The Olumide and Aramide Ademidun Scholarship is open to any student who has overcame adversity. In honour of my parents immigrating to Canada, overcoming adversity as new immigrants, and giving our family more opportunities.

I graduated with over $65,000 in student loans. Although graduating with that much debt is very frustrating for me, I still feel very grateful and privileged that I had the opportunity to attend a good school and had the privilege to get a loan.

Other students may not have the opportunity that I did and even if they do, students shouldn’t have to go into huge amounts of debt to afford a high quality education.

This scholarship is my way of paying it forward to help other students and a way for me to thank my parents and grandparents for giving me opportunities for a better life.

All you have to do is write about how growing up in a low-income family or overcoming adversity impacted you and your plans and goals for the future.

Please share with any students you think would qualify.

If you would also like to pay it forward and help some students pay for their education, message me (ta@tomiwa.ca).

Apply here: https://atila.ca/scholarship/s/ademidun