Why Switching from the Morning Class to the Afternoon Class will Change Your Life

I asked Professor Janssen, if anyone in my 9:20 Sales Foundations class wanted to switch to the 3:50 class.

Since this is the Sales Foundation class, he suggested that if I wanted to switch I would have to make a pitch.

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So I’m here to ask if anyone wants to swap with me to the 3:50 class. It will change your life.

Switching from 9:20 Class to 3:50 Class will let you get a good night’s sleep

Here’s why this is important…

We’re in business school so we all like data and social proof.

Well the science is clear, Harvard Medical School says that getting sleep is important.

But maybe you don’t believe in science, maybe you only  believe in money. Bill Gates, the ex richest man in the world said that sleep is important.

“Secret to my success is eight hours sleep” says Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos is also the richest man in the world, just saying. It’s a shame, If only more people knew this secret, they would be just as rich as Jeff Bezos.

But that’s still pretty anecdotal. So I conducted some rigorous statistical analysis to see the correlation between sleep time and net worth.

Here is Jeff Bezos… and there is me, a regular student sleeping 6 hours a day, and you can’t see it but that number is actually below zero because of my student loans.

As you can clearly see If you switch to the 3:50 class, get 8 hours of sleep, then you will be rich and successful like Jeff Bezos.

Some of you are wondering, if If the 3:50 class is so great, why are you switching?

Okay time for the boring truth. I want to take the 9:20 class because I‘m working in the afternoons and evenings so I’m trying to take as many morning classes as possible.